Mood: Hopeful

There are days I fear I’ll probably break down because I’m trying to keep going and keep my head up.

These last few months have been alot.
From losing everything to starting from scratch.

I haven’t worked out in weeks. Taking one day at a time.

Some days I feel better and other days I just want to sleep.

I keep telling myself “everything will be okay, you will be successful”

I don’t know what is about to happen next. This whole situation has made me angry, bitter, moody and just plain sad!

Coming from a place where we are eager to help people. We’ve housed strangers at no extra costs. And now it’s like the universe is playing games.

You know like “no one is going to help you. I don’t care if you’ve been nice before”.

Hearing someone say “I do not want them in my house because they are Nigerians” is heart breaking.

I try to ask God questions but I’m not getting any answers. Or maybe I’m not satisfied with what He is saying. .

There must be some sort of reward for being kind. I don’t expect anything from anyone because of my kindness but it will be nice for the universe to give me a sign.

From having it all to just falling. I remember the moments people would reach out and my mom won’t hesitate to help. “Don’t pay back, it’s fine”.

Now GHC50 feels like GHC5000.
I don’t bother asking anymore.

I pray for the strength to achieve my goals and keep pushing forward regardless.

“After the storm comes the sunshine…”. I remain hopeful

Featured Image Source: Pexels (Shot by Pixabay).