Tech Diary: The Almighty Javascript and Django

After many months… err years of procrastinating and avoiding it, I have to admit, I HAVE to learn Javascript! I’ve watched some videos on youtube and it’s making sense now or is it? Hummmn

Yesterday (1 July 2019), for some strange reason I got the urge to learn Django but I’ve never programmed with python before. I watched a couple of crash courses on youtube. I won’t lie… I was a bit bored cause I understood the basic concepts of programming (loops, arrays, variables, constants, etc.) and all I needed was to understand Python Syntax.

I managed to build a simple project in Django, everything looks good. I’ve been working with Laravel so everything feels a little strange and confusing but it’s to early to make comparisons. I’ll dive into another tutorial and I’ll update this post regularly.

I wanted to share the tutorials I’ve been watching (I will add notes under each link). I hope this helps you on your Javascript and Django journey. Goodluck



FREE: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners By Academind

Notes: About 1+ hr long. Really helpful. Must watch. Please note that I did not use JSBin like he did, you can learn using any text editor  IDE on your computer. (I used Visual Studio Code)

FREE: Javascript Tutorial By Telusko.

Notes: I love this series!. Do watch this if you want to learn javascript. More updates coming soon






FREE: Python for everybody. A full course with Dr. Chuck

Notes: detailed and I enjoyed the way the course was broken down. It’s 13 hours long so feel free to skip to the important parts. I’ve bookmarked this for future purposes!


FREE: Python Tutorials By Mike Dane

Notes: Another amazing tutorial. This was the first one I watched (on python). Mike breaks things down which is useful if you’re a beginner programmer. The main tutorial I watched was about 4hours long on FreeCodeCamp Youtube Channel. It had about 7+ million views. I wanted to reference to Mike’s own channel but you can watch the compiled version here on freecodecamp.


FREE: Python Django Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App by Corey Schafer

Notes: Based on the comments the tutorial seems GOOD. Updates coming Soooooon….


PREMIUM: Create a web application with python + Django + PostgreSQL

Notes: I would recommend this tutorial if you’re an absolute beginner. If you’re an advanced programmer but you want to learn django, this might be somewhat slow ‘paced’ for you but it’s worth it. 

When you upload images, you might get a broken link. Do not panic like I did (searching through stack overflow and asking myself if this was really worth it). Finish the course, in the last 2 or 3 videos you should define your MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT. Once this is done, head on to your admin panel and upload data to your course model. Now your image(s) will show (no more broken links)…


PREMIUM: Django for Beginners – Build Web Application With Python!

Notes: I’m just starting with this course. Updates coming soon…



Featured image source: Pexels

Resource: Code Inspire

I stumbled on Code Inspire last year while searching for Laravel tutorials on youtube.

Since then, it has been my go-to ‘youtube’ channel for all things programming (Laravel, VueJs, Angular, etc).

As a beginner, finding the right tutorials to help you can be quite difficult but this youtube channel makes things super easy for you.

Follow this link to Code Inspire.


Featured image source: Pexels