Resource: FreePik

Freepik Homepage (Screenshot)

Freepik offers a variety of graphic (templates) for your project (commercial and personal use).

One thing I love about Freepik is you can find just about anything you need for your next project: logos, call card design, vector, wedding invitation, baby shower posters, calendars, ribbons, icons, web elements, web templates, brochures and much more.

Logo Template

Call Cards



Wedding Invitation

Laser Cut Wedding Envelopes


Featured Image source: Freepik (front page screenshot)

Resource: Gigantic

So you want to create flat (2D) vector drawings and you’re not sure of where to start or how to start, I’ve found the perfect youtube channel for you!

Gigantic is owned by the talented Mark Rise who is passionate about teaching and inspiring others to create awesome works of art. 

What’s amazing is you get such high-quality tutorials for free!

Dive into the world of Gigantic and learn how to create flat vector art and 2D characters for your next mobile game (app).

Check out his youtube channel here.

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My favorite tutorials on Gigantic:

BONUS: You can create these awesome tutorials with Inkscape (open source and FREE)!