Self Growth Diary: Page 1

They say the only thing constant in life is change. The world will not wait for you to adjust or pick yourself up. Time will not wait for you to feel better about yourself! The earth keeps rotating and the sun keeps shining.

I have decided to embark on a journey of self growth and self discovery. I know I procrastinate but I’m hoping I can do better this time. 

I do not want to stand, watching life go by or laying on my bed, wishing I could do this or that. If I do not like something about myself, then I have to fix it. I cannot wish it away, I have to make effort to do better and be better.

Welcome to the first page of ‘self growth’. As an introduction, I want to share these videos with you all. Honestly I have learnt so much and I hope you find them useful.

Anna Bey: School Of Affluence

Guest Etiquette – Dos & Don’ts For Elegant Ladies 
  1. Always RSVP (never cancel last minute)
  2. Ask before bringing a guest
  3. Never arrive empty-handed
  4. Respect the dress code
  5.  Eat beforehand
  6. Arrive on time
  7. Greet your host (do not forget to say goodbye before you leave)
  8. Keep your phone on silent (or preferably switched off)
  9. Stay away from drama (do not fight/gossip/badmouth somebody)
  10. Never stay until the end 

Tracy Hensel

  1. Dress for success
  2. Arrive on time (communicate with your host if you are running late)
  3. Sitting and Walking 
  4. Avoid gossip (small people talk about people, and people with great minds talk about events)
  5.  Be a good listener
  6. Give compliments (and learn to accept compliments)
  7. No swearing (watch your speech and language)
  8. Never talk about what somebody else is eating
  9. Be cautious about phone use 
  10. Lending assistance. Classy ladies are always thinking about other people and putting them first

Leave people and things BETTER than you found them.

Parmita Katkar: Blush with me-Parmita

10 Ways To Redefine Everyday Style/styling Mistakes To Avoid
  1. Get a ‘classy’ phone cover
  2. Take care of your handbags
  3. Stay away from single layered, tight fitting sports bra
  4. Get the right bra size
  5. Keep ‘mirrored’ sunglasses clean
  6. Iron your clothes
  7. Wear clean clothes
  8. Keep hair clean and moisturized
  9. Keep makeup minimal
  10. Keep nails clean and well manicured

7 Steps To Gain Self Confidence
  1. Smile (keep it genuine, keep it simple, keep it subtle)
  2. Stay positive
  3. Body language (pull yourself up, open up your shoulders) – make sure you’re not shrinking yourself
  4. Always dress up well, look presentable.
  5. Right undergarment (wrong size bra, panty lines showing)
  6. Slow down (action, speech) – when you speak a little slower, people listen to you.
  7. Smell good (a sign of good hygiene)
How To Improve Communication Skills
  1. Master the art of timing
  2. Find positive answers to your typical everyday questions
  3. Do not memorize what you want to say word for word (register the main points)
  4. Listen
  5. Know your audience
  6. Act – do not let your mood dictate how your day/meeting will go
  7. Set your body language to adapt to the audience
  8. Pay attention to your tone
  9. Use your phone – record a video of yourself in a mock conversation. Record voice memos.

Featured Image source: Pexels (by ATC – Comm Photo)

Resource: My Top 5 Youtube Channels

Today I wanted to share my TOP 5 Youtube Channels with you all. These instructors are amazing and they make things so easy.

Please note these are in no particular order, they are all amazing!

If you need any help feel free to send me an email or drop a comment.

P.S. headings are linked to their youtube channels…. so click click click 🙂






Featured Image Source: (by Adrienne Andersen)

Tech Diary: The Almighty Javascript and Django

After many months… err years of procrastinating and avoiding it, I have to admit, I HAVE to learn Javascript! I’ve watched some videos on youtube and it’s making sense now or is it? Hummmn

Yesterday (1 July 2019), for some strange reason I got the urge to learn Django but I’ve never programmed with python before. I watched a couple of crash courses on youtube. I won’t lie… I was a bit bored cause I understood the basic concepts of programming (loops, arrays, variables, constants, etc.) and all I needed was to understand Python Syntax.

I managed to build a simple project in Django, everything looks good. I’ve been working with Laravel so everything feels a little strange and confusing but it’s to early to make comparisons. I’ll dive into another tutorial and I’ll update this post regularly.

I wanted to share the tutorials I’ve been watching (I will add notes under each link). I hope this helps you on your Javascript and Django journey. Goodluck



FREE: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners By Academind

Notes: About 1+ hr long. Really helpful. Must watch. Please note that I did not use JSBin like he did, you can learn using any text editor  IDE on your computer. (I used Visual Studio Code)

FREE: Javascript Tutorial By Telusko.

Notes: I love this series!. Do watch this if you want to learn javascript. More updates coming soon






FREE: Python for everybody. A full course with Dr. Chuck

Notes: detailed and I enjoyed the way the course was broken down. It’s 13 hours long so feel free to skip to the important parts. I’ve bookmarked this for future purposes!


FREE: Python Tutorials By Mike Dane

Notes: Another amazing tutorial. This was the first one I watched (on python). Mike breaks things down which is useful if you’re a beginner programmer. The main tutorial I watched was about 4hours long on FreeCodeCamp Youtube Channel. It had about 7+ million views. I wanted to reference to Mike’s own channel but you can watch the compiled version here on freecodecamp.


FREE: Python Django Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App by Corey Schafer

Notes: Based on the comments the tutorial seems GOOD. Updates coming Soooooon….


PREMIUM: Create a web application with python + Django + PostgreSQL

Notes: I would recommend this tutorial if you’re an absolute beginner. If you’re an advanced programmer but you want to learn django, this might be somewhat slow ‘paced’ for you but it’s worth it. 

When you upload images, you might get a broken link. Do not panic like I did (searching through stack overflow and asking myself if this was really worth it). Finish the course, in the last 2 or 3 videos you should define your MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT. Once this is done, head on to your admin panel and upload data to your course model. Now your image(s) will show (no more broken links)…


PREMIUM: Django for Beginners – Build Web Application With Python!

Notes: I’m just starting with this course. Updates coming soon…



Featured image source: Pexels

Easy Marble Cake Using Cocoa Powder and Oil

Hello everyone, this is my first recipe on the blog. I’ve been making these and I decided to share the recipe. It’s a quick and easy marble cake that you’ll love!

Let’s get started!

Please check out the recipe notes 🙂


Easy Marble Cake Recipe

Michelle E
This is a quick and easy marble cake recipe using. The best part is you can use OIL.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 50 mins
Course Dessert


  • 1 3/4 cup Plain Flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 cup Oil
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 2/3 cup Sugar
  • 3 tablespoon Cocoa Powder


  • Preheat the oven to 350F or 175C
  • Grease baking pan (9'' pan will do). You can do this with butter or oil
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and salt. Set Aside
  • In another bowl, add the sugar, egg and oil and mix until creamy/pale yellow
  • Add vanilla and mix for about 30secs
  • Add milk and mix
  • Add flour mixture from the other bowl and mix thoroughly
  • Reserve 1 cup of batter and pour the remaining in the baking pan
  • Add cocoa powder in reserved batter and mix thoroughly. If you feel the cocoa batter is too thick, you may add 2 or 3 tablespoons of milk.
  • Pour the cocoa batter in the pan. Using a knife, create swirls (mixing the coco and vanilla batter)
  • Bake for about 30 to 50minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean


Easy Marble Cake Ingredients

For this recipe, I used Ideal (tin) Milk. You can substitute with powdered milk. Simply Measure 1/2 cup of water and add 3 tablespoons of powdered milk. Mix until the powdered milk is fully dissolved.
I've made this cake with both (tin milk and powdered milk) and it was amazing. 
For oil, you can use any vegetable oil you have at hand. For this recipe I used Frytol (... I've also used Aya Oil too).
Cocoa Powder, I've tried two brands: 
  • Brown Gold Natural Cocoa Powder
  • Golden tree: Royale Natural Cocoa Powder

Brown Gold Cocoa Powder


Golden tree royale cocoa powder

NB: I have both on the recipe image but you can use whichever one you like :). (I did not combine both).
Flour measurement, you will need 1 3/4 cups of flour. If you do not have 3/4 cup, you may use 1/4 thrice (1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4).
Original recipe called for 1 1/2 cup of sugar but I decided 1 cup 2/3 cup would be suitable for this quantity of cake. You may add more sugar (based on your preference).
My cake cracked (from the photos). So my tip here is to reduce the temperature slightly when you place your pan in the oven.
Keyword Cake, Marble Cake

Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

It’s 10:54 right here (Accra, Gh). I’m lost in my thoughts and I cannot seem to concentrate on what I have to do. The past 2 years has been filled with ups and many downs. I look back and I wish I could have done things the right way or avoided certain mistakes but you cannot change the past.

I think about those who I held close to my heart. You know deep down they really do not like you but you say, ‘we are family so keep trying’. Their words do not come as a surprise. What did you expect?

I believe everyone has their time and in this journey called life, you are your own competition. Maybe it hurts that those you encouraged while they did not know what to do next will turn back and spit at you when you find yourself…lost.

They will mock you for not being able to settle or find direction. Same ones you held up high when they fell flat. As I stare at my laptop, wondering what to do next, I remember this poem from Maya Angelou, Still I Rise.

I have to remind myself, RISE ABOVE IT ALL!

I’m sharing my favorite parts of her poem. Enjoy 🙂

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.
Read the full poem here.

Featured Image source: (Shot by Rawpixel)

Resource: PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Powerpoint presentation templates for your inspiration

Powerpoint presentations do not have to be plain or boring! They can be fun, colorful and engaging.

Say goodbye to 1930 power point presentation styles and be inspired by these MODERN templates.

Edway Creative

Edway Creative Power Point Template
Edway Creative Powerpoint Presentation Template

Kamsupay Abstract

Kamsupay Abstract Power Point Template
Kamsupay – Abstract Slides Template


Creative Powerpoint template
Creative Powerpoint Presentation Template

Nicee Creative

Niceee Powerpoint presentation template
Nicee Creative Powerpoint Presentation Template

Landing Slide

Landing slide powerpoint template
Landing Slide Powerpoint Presentation Template


Mirage powerpoint presentation template
Mirage Powerpoint Presentation Template


Sweety Presentation Template
Sweety Powerpoint Presentation Template


Munyux presentation template
Munyux Powerpoint Presentation Template


Cyrstal powerpoint template
Crystal Powerpoint Presentation Template


Visionary power point template
Visionary Powerpoint Presentation Template

I hope these will inspire you to create amazing presentations for your next meeting or pitch. Good luck!

Resource: FreePik

Freepik Homepage (Screenshot)

Freepik offers a variety of graphic (templates) for your project (commercial and personal use).

One thing I love about Freepik is you can find just about anything you need for your next project: logos, call card design, vector, wedding invitation, baby shower posters, calendars, ribbons, icons, web elements, web templates, brochures and much more.

Logo Template

Call Cards



Wedding Invitation

Laser Cut Wedding Envelopes


Featured Image source: Freepik (front page screenshot)


Bookworm is basically a book database. Users should be able to keep track of books they own, books they will like to buy and books they have finished reading. I got this idea from here.

Bookworm is a part of my playground project series.

I went further to add more features such as:

  • Clubs and Associations
  • Book stores
  • Messaging
  • Community (mini social component for book lovers to interact)

I’ll be posting this project very soooon. See screenshot (add new book page):

P.S. it will be free for download 😉

Featured image source ( – Element5 Digital)

Everything Will Be Okay 1

Everything will be okay: Part 1

This is my first article on the site and I’ve been struggling.
I have so much to write about but I don’t know where to start from or what to say.

“Okay…okay… I’ll do that’

Whenever we face challenges, it feels like this is the end. Everything is ruined and you cannot move past this phase.

Thoughts of the future begin to run through your mind. You imagine how everything will finally be over and you’ll be at peace but that tiny voice, self-doubt creeps in ‘you will NEVER escape. NEVER!’
Then you retreat back into your shell, with tears flowing you convince yourself ‘I cannot do it…’

At different points in our lives, we face challenges that makes it seem like this is the end but is it really the end?

I remember writing junior wassce in Nigeria (Jos, Plateau State) and I was scared. The teachers made me feel like there was no way I could ever pass (I’ll write an article about this soon). 

I read my books but each time it felt like I wasn’t smart enough and there was no way I could ever succeed. Self-doubt became my best friend…
“You cannot pass this exam. See your mates they will be promoted and you will remain in the same class. Give up!”

We wrote the exams and started the next class (SS1) but here’s the thing, if you fail, you’d have to repeat JSS3 all over again.
Now image the humiliation of being told to return back to your previous class because ‘You did not perform well’.

I was scared. Each day I had panic attacks. Whenever I would see the principal, my heart will begin to race. 
A female teacher made it worse. I remember she told me not to get comfortable because she doesn’t think I was smart enough to pass the exams.

Results came in and we were asked to go to her office one after the other. I was scared. Maybe I should just go home, there’s no way I’d pass.

I remember a junior student telling me not to worry. His mom brought in the results and I had passed. I did not believe him.

When it was my turn and I entered her office, she already made me feel like I did not make it. 

When she took the sealed envelope, her mood changed and she looked up to me ‘… you passed!’

I was beyond excited.

She didn’t say a word to me again!

She gave me the envelop and I left her office.
(This has to be one of my fondest memories on this journey called life.)

She wasn’t happy but I didn’t care. 
I passed.
I didn’t get straight A’s but I passed and that’s all that matters.

Everything will be okay.
Whenever you face any challenge, remember the ones you have already conquered. 
Remember the times you cried. 
Remember the times you almost gave up.

You are a fighter. 
You are strong.
You cannot be defeated.

You have faced obstacles before.
Remind yourself of the times you thought you couldn’t make it.
Remind yourself of the journeys you have completed.
Remember the hurdles you have jumped and the foes you defeated.

Everything will be okay.
Wipe your tears.
Dust yourself. 
Rise above it all.

I know it’s not easy. 
Self doubt will always be there to remind you ‘it’s over’.
As I write this post, it tells me “No one will ever read your blog!”

But I have to remember the battles I’ve won. 

Everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay.


Featured Image source: Nappy for Pexels

NB: pardon flaws or errors in my post. I’m so nervous about sharing my thoughts and life experiences. Thank you for stopping by 🙂