Resource: FreePik

Freepik Homepage (Screenshot)

Freepik offers a variety of graphic (templates) for your project (commercial and personal use).

One thing I love about Freepik is you can find just about anything you need for your next project: logos, call card design, vector, wedding invitation, baby shower posters, calendars, ribbons, icons, web elements, web templates, brochures and much more.

Logo Template

Call Cards



Wedding Invitation

Laser Cut Wedding Envelopes


Featured Image source: Freepik (front page screenshot)

Resource: Open Source SVG Illustrations by UnDraw

Open Source SVG Illustrations by UnDraw

I’m working on my first ‘playground’ project and I discovered these amazing illustrations on a panel in the SB Admin – dashboard (index.html) page.

I promised myself I wouldn’t post till next week but I’m so in love with these illustrations and I cannot help but share.


UnDraw Illustration (found in SB Admin Dashboard)

Created by Katerina Limpitsouni, provides beautiful SVG illustrations for all your projects (web, mobile, digital, print, etc).

What’s amazing is it’s completely FREE for personal and commercial projects (no attribution required).

Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create ~



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Resource: Flat Icon Free Icons

Flat Icon Free Icons

So you’ve selected the perfect admin theme, found the right colour scheme for your website but you need ICONS. Do not panic, check out the world’s largest search engine for free icons, FLAT ICON.

With flat icon, you’ll find icons that fit every genre of your project: Gym, Saloon, School, Social, Flowers, Easter, Birthday, Education, Fair, Parties, etc.

Flat icon allows you to select the icon size and icon type (PNG, EPS, PSD or SVG) before you download.

2019 Color Palette Tools and Websites

2019 Color Palette Tools and Websites

Picking colors for your next web app or design project can be a daunting task. To ease your burden, these websites have been selected to help you create ‘unique’ color palettes for your next project.

Color Wheels

Adobe Color CC

Color Palette tools Adobe Color CC

Visit Website here.

Color Palettes/Pickers

Color Hunt

Color Palette tools Color Hunt

Visit Website here.

Color Mind

Color Palette tools Color Mind

Visit Website here.

Flat UI Colors 2

Color Palette tools Flat UI Colors

Visit Website here.

Material UI

Color Palette tools Material UI

Visit Website here.

Flat UI Color Picker

Color Palette tools Flat Color UI picker

Visit Website here.

Bootflat Color Picker

Color Palette tools Boot Flat Color Picker

Visit Website here.


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