100 Days Code Challenge

I finally decided to hop on the 100 Days of Code Challenge. My class mate from the university, Teddy will be joining me on this challenge. We have agreed to check up on each other in the evening to see how far.

We will be starting with Flutter and today (Oct 3 2020) is day ONE!

I will be updating this page as I progress with the challenge. So cheers to consistency and shaming procrastination.

SN: This challenge just reminded me that I have to upload my projects on GitHub.


Today I have not done much. First video I watched is an introduction to Flutter by London App Brewery on YouTube. I really love this video and her voice just makes me want to learn Flutter.

I wanted to buy the full course – Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart but I thought why not try the free tutorials on YouTube first.

Introductions are over, now it’s time to get started. I picked a tutorial from one of my favorite channels, Academind. On day two I’ll be installing and setting up Flutter.


Day two… well my internet connection kicked my ass. I was left frustrated and wasn’t able to do much.

Day 3

Finally finished setting up flutter. Had to upgrade Android studio. Another day wasted without doing much.


Honestly I have not done much in the last couple of days. The internet keeps acting up. Then my laptop decides to join the madness. That aside I had so much on me and I have to admit that I need to work on my time management skills. I am tempted to start this all over again but I’ll just keep going.

Day 4 – 8

Nothing to see here.

Day 9

Got back to work on day 9. Internet seems to be better but my laptop is another issue. I had some errors about ADB being outdated. Trying to fix this. See you in day 10.

Day 10

Hummm…day 10 did not go as planned. I thought I’d be coding by now but I dozed off while waiting for the emulator to boot up. This morning I wake up and realize I didn’t even launch the AVD emulator. It’s like I’m high on something.

Accountability Time

I can stop this and start again but that would be dishonest of me. There is no need to paint the impression that I am always showing up when in reality I have not done much. Am I happy with myself, NOPE! Do I want to change this? YES! Truth is I am not managing my time well, I lack focus, and I get distracted easily.

I watched this video from Valuetainment this morning and it’s just what I needed to hear.

Some useful notes:

  • Be predictable and show up everyday. The moment you stop, you lose all your momentum. 
  • You’ve got to anticipate and expect crisis to happen – (in my case internet acting up and laptop freezing on me). Do not let it throw you off
  • Be consistent in what you do
  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance. You have to prepare the night before. The guy that’s the most prepared wins. Prepare before the speech, prepare a week before, a month before…
  • Do more. If somebody practices 3 hours, you practice 5 hours. Just do a little bit more
  • Subscribe to the NOW mentality. Not tomorrow, next week or next year. NOW! ‘Do it now mentality’
  • Find running mates – working buddies. People that run with you and push you and vice versa.
  • CUT distractions. Get rid of the things that take away your attention. No matter what, you go perform.
  • You’ve got to train your mind to be focused. Practice it
  • Have a todo list – what needs to get done next. Do not add another thing until you finish what’s on the list.
  • Eat right 
  • Find the things wasting time, reducing productivity and efficiency. Plug the leaks – they waste too much time.
  • Cut the fat – work you do not need to do. The work makes you excited that you’ve done something but in reality you did not do anything.  
  • Drop perfection – you do not work as hard because you’re trying to do it perfect and you do not even take the shot. No matter what you’ve got to take the shot. It’s contradictory to ‘preparation‘ but it’s better to take the shot. Work a lot on being prepared but don’t expect to have the perfect environment all the time.
  • Perfection prevents explosion – it’s never going to be perfect. There are no perfect moments.
  • Have an escape. Take time to relax and do things that make you happy.
  • Create motivation yourself to have a stronger work ethic.
  • Study these three words: Work, Ethic, Morals and then dictate what your standard of behavior is going to be and what is not acceptable to you.

I am installing and fixing has to be fixed now so in the evening I can jump right in.

Day 11

Made a little progress. Had a quick tutorial on Dart programming language.


How to run flutter on a real android device: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54444538/how-do-i-run-test-my-flutter-app-on-a-real-device

Device not authorized (answer from Mohammed Alukkal is the right one): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50391607/android-flutter-debug-device-not-authorized

Running Gradle task ‘assembleDebug’… (This is taking an unexpectedly long time.) – I stopped the process twice. Restarted my laptop, the same issue. I just let it continue running and it worked. App runs on my device now *yay!*

Taking a short break to finish up on my Hackathon project. Will be back

Project done and dusted. I decided to spend the whole day finishing up on the eCommerce project I am working on. Everything has been sorted but we have to hold back due to the #ENDSARS protests.

Day 12 – 14


Day 15

Finally built something. Should be done with this tutorial but I ran into some bug. Will get it fixed on day 16.

Day 16

Finally fixed it thanks to this repository on github.

So I’m done with the free course from Academind. Will be back to give updates.