Take a look at what I do!


I create unique beaded Jewelry pieces (necklaces, rings, bangles), exploding boxes, paper flowers and much more. Follow my Craft page @i_forty5 on Instagram, and iForty5 on Facebook


Driven to make a difference with tech, I started, Keno.Tech. The goal is to build awesome apps to help people. Follow @keno.tech on Instagram, @kenodottech on Facebook and Twitter. Website: kenodottech.com

KEN.TECH – Rodo Destinations

Showcasing beautiful destinations all around Africa and beyond. Follow on Instagram and Facebook @rododestinations. Website: rododestinations.com

KEN.TECH – Sarai

Everyday, a woman dies during childbirth in Africa. The goal of Sarai is to provide useful resources for moms as well as a directory of ‘handpicked’ medical experts (doctors, nurses and midwives) and facilities (hospitals, labs and pharmacies). Inline with the millennium development goals (MDGs) 4 and 5, the goal is to improve maternal health, reduce infant mortality rate and provide useful tools/resources for moms. Follow on Facebook/Twitter @saraiapp, Instagram @sarai.app. Web app: saraiapp.com

Side Project: HOC

Hall Of Creatives (HOC) is aimed at celebrating Black excellence. I’ll share creatives from different fields (art, music, sculpting, baking, writing, poetry, etc). Follow on Instagram and Facebook @hallofcreatives.