It’s been months since I uploaded Sarai. I have not made any major updates to the app. I guess I am overwhelmed by events but that is not an excuse.

Maybe I need to stop beating myself up cause I already do too much for one person (frontend, backend, graphics…whew!)

Task lists includes: posting articles (sarai guides), design posters and reach out to doctors, nurses and midwives.

That aside, frontend needs major updates (social media links should be added to profiles). … Yeah and user sign up 🙂

Honestly I appreciate my journey more. My mistakes, tears and failures have built my character. In the past I would feel sad that things are not moving the way I planned but now I know better.

If you are reading this, please check out the web app: and if you know any doctor, nurse or midwife, please refer them to the forms here. Thank you

Featured Image by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

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