Self Growth Diary: Page 1

They say the only thing constant in life is change. The world will not wait for you to adjust or pick yourself up. Time will not wait for you to feel better about yourself! The earth keeps rotating and the sun keeps shining.

I have decided to embark on a journey of self growth and self discovery. I know I procrastinate but I’m hoping I can do better this time. 

I do not want to stand, watching life go by or laying on my bed, wishing I could do this or that. If I do not like something about myself, then I have to fix it. I cannot wish it away, I have to make effort to do better and be better.

Welcome to the first page of ‘self growth’. As an introduction, I want to share these videos with you all. Honestly I have learnt so much and I hope you find them useful.

Anna Bey: School Of Affluence

Guest Etiquette – Dos & Don’ts For Elegant Ladies 
  1. Always RSVP (never cancel last minute)
  2. Ask before bringing a guest
  3. Never arrive empty-handed
  4. Respect the dress code
  5.  Eat beforehand
  6. Arrive on time
  7. Greet your host (do not forget to say goodbye before you leave)
  8. Keep your phone on silent (or preferably switched off)
  9. Stay away from drama (do not fight/gossip/badmouth somebody)
  10. Never stay until the end 

Tracy Hensel

  1. Dress for success
  2. Arrive on time (communicate with your host if you are running late)
  3. Sitting and Walking 
  4. Avoid gossip (small people talk about people, and people with great minds talk about events)
  5.  Be a good listener
  6. Give compliments (and learn to accept compliments)
  7. No swearing (watch your speech and language)
  8. Never talk about what somebody else is eating
  9. Be cautious about phone use 
  10. Lending assistance. Classy ladies are always thinking about other people and putting them first

Leave people and things BETTER than you found them.

Parmita Katkar: Blush with me-Parmita

10 Ways To Redefine Everyday Style/styling Mistakes To Avoid
  1. Get a ‘classy’ phone cover
  2. Take care of your handbags
  3. Stay away from single layered, tight fitting sports bra
  4. Get the right bra size
  5. Keep ‘mirrored’ sunglasses clean
  6. Iron your clothes
  7. Wear clean clothes
  8. Keep hair clean and moisturized
  9. Keep makeup minimal
  10. Keep nails clean and well manicured

7 Steps To Gain Self Confidence
  1. Smile (keep it genuine, keep it simple, keep it subtle)
  2. Stay positive
  3. Body language (pull yourself up, open up your shoulders) – make sure you’re not shrinking yourself
  4. Always dress up well, look presentable.
  5. Right undergarment (wrong size bra, panty lines showing)
  6. Slow down (action, speech) – when you speak a little slower, people listen to you.
  7. Smell good (a sign of good hygiene)
How To Improve Communication Skills
  1. Master the art of timing
  2. Find positive answers to your typical everyday questions
  3. Do not memorize what you want to say word for word (register the main points)
  4. Listen
  5. Know your audience
  6. Act – do not let your mood dictate how your day/meeting will go
  7. Set your body language to adapt to the audience
  8. Pay attention to your tone
  9. Use your phone – record a video of yourself in a mock conversation. Record voice memos.

Featured Image source: Pexels (by ATC – Comm Photo)